Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Trip and Some Birthdays . . .

Much as I was disappointed last month when Jann, Mary & I weren't able to get together for our visit, I'm just as excited that I'm about to head out to SoCal for a visit with my sweet seester and her peeps.  Since she & I (with some help from Papa John and Auntie Bing, no doubt) will be attempting to supervise Marek while Stephen & Mel are away, I most likely won't be able to do any blogging.

But there are lots of celebrations taking place while I'm blog-less, so I decided to do a post today lest anyone think I forgot about them!  And since I've done ZERO scrapping in so long, I decided to at least make a little greeting for everyone . . . using elements from Aprilisa Designs "Age to Perfection" kit (available at Gotta Pixel).

Actually, one event is before I leave - in fact, it's TODAY!   Hope you're having a wonderful day, Sue, and that you & David & Jana (plus whoever else wanders by) don't party toooo hard.  Love you bunches, and hope to see you soon!! Here's to you and to all the others who will be celebrating in my absence (including this ol' blog, which turns one year old next week!) . . .

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It Definitely Takes All Kinds . . .

LOL! Well, here I go again - no posts forever & then multiples in one day. But I just ran across something else in Pinterest that I couldn't resist sharing. For anyone who doesn't fully understand the irony of this newspaper clipping, you might want to check out this post from last year:

I don't think I want to even TRY to imagine her attire!!

Manda Pandas

Yikes, I just realized it's been nearly two weeks since I posted anything on the ol' blog . . . but I just haven't had anything worth talking about (that I was allowed to discuss.)  I haven't done any scrapping, so I don't have any layouts to post.  Dave & I haven't made any remarkable progress on the kitchen, so that topic's out.  Just pretty much nuttin', honey!

But have run across a couple of items the last few days that I thought you might get a kick out of . . . all relating to the lovely Amanda.  I found all of these images on Pinterest (which is web-based pin board essentially . . . eye candy & such for inspiration, and a place where I frequently spend more time than I should).  I have several boards there myself, one of which is called "Manda Pandas", and I'm always looking for Panda-ish stuff to pin there.

Came across this first one today, and while I haven't been able to determine exactly what it is, I'm pretty sure it's some sort of food - sushi maybe, or more likely bento.  Anyway, I think they're about as cute as can be but am not sure I'd be able to bring myself to bite into a PANDA of all things!

I also thought these Panda cupcakes were pretty doggone cute:

Okay, now this isn't an edible item, but I still think it's pretty cool - if slightly bizarre:

(yep, those are lips decorated like Pandas!)

Finally, nothing about this picture reminds me of Amanda at all - except that it's a Panda, I wouldn't mind giving it a big ol' hug, and I just plain LOVE it!